A Tale Of Two Years – A Peek Into ETF Monkey’s Personal Portfolio

On October 3, 2018, I published an article revealing the status of my personal portfolio as of September 30, the end of Q3. As readers who followed my work throughout 2018 were well aware, I had been getting more conservative as the year went along. A large part of the reason for this was that […]

Fed Stimulus – Where Has It Gone?

The Fed embarked on multiple stimulus efforts in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. In addition to lowering the Fed Funds Rate (FFR) to near zero, the Fed embarked on something termed Quantitative Easing. Essentially, this involved direct large-scale purchases of various assets, with the goal of controlling even long-term interest rates. The purpose […]

Practicing What I Preach – A Peek Into ETF Monkey’s Personal Portfolio

After writing for Seeking Alpha for a little over a year, I for the first time offered readers a peek into my personal portfolio. Why did I select the title I did? Here’s how I explained it. I have seen other authors offer glimpses into their personal portfolios. I appreciate the sentiments they have shared; […]

Action Alert: Sold ITOT In Favor Of IXUS

This morning, I sold a little ITOT in my personal portfolio and used the funds to purchase IXUS. Take a quick look at the graphic below, which represents YTD performance for the two ETFs. As can be seen, they move fairly similarly until early-May. However, look at the dramatic divergence since that time. This divergence […]

Thoughts On My Blog And Seeking Alpha

When I first came up the idea for ETF Monkey, I approached my friends at Seeking Alpha to inquire as to whether they would allow me to use this pseudonym to write for them. I was ecstatic when they agreed. My first article, on the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF, was published on June 3, […]

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