Thoughts On Portfolio Rebalancing and “Currency”

Back in November, 2015, I wrote a fairly comprehensive article for Seeking Alpha on the subject of portfolio rebalancing. I was honored with the piece being selected as an Editor’s Pick. In this brief piece, I want to touch on a somewhat related question. What is “currency”? In general, when someone says “currency,” likely the […]

Investing Basics – Foreign Stocks

Most American investors begin their venture into the world of investing by investing in domestic stocks, in other words stocks of companies based in the USA. And this is natural, for these are the companies with which they are most familiar. Interestingly, whether through direct investment or via mutual funds or ETFs, some portion of […]

Investing Basics – ETFs

What Is an ETF? The acronym ETF stands for “Exchange Traded Fund.” Think about that phrase carefully for a minute and, very intuitively, you are well on your way to understanding the basic character of an ETF. When you think about things that are traded on an exchange, likely stocks and bonds come very quickly to mind. Now, think […]

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